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Welcome to my website and thank you for your interest in Senegence. I’m Tatum Larsen and I’ve been a Senegence Distributor since June 2017.

I’m a wife, mom of newborn twins, full-time worker, and now entrepreneur. After having the twins, my confidence level was at an all time low. I stopped wearing makeup because I could not find the time to get ready. Even when I did get “ready”, I still didn’t feel myself because of how rushed my makeup application was and trust me, it looked rushed.

A friend of mine, who is a new mom as well, kept talking about this new lipstick that stayed on all day and didn’t smear when she kissed her baby. One of the biggest reasons I didn’t wear lipstick before was because I was tired of re-applying it all day and my husband hated seeing gross, leftover lipstick on everything. To see her physically kiss her babies forehead and not leave a kiss mark, I was SOLD!

After buying 4, yes 4 colors, I decided to sign up to be a distributor. I found out Lipsense wasn’t just it’s own company. Lipsense is one product that makes up Senegence: A full cosmetic line of the best makeup and skincare I’ve ever used. I immediately switched my entire skincare and makeup line to Senegence. The quality of the ingredients and the fact that it stays put through a long work day and tiny baby snuggles is enough to keep me buying.

I’m so happy you came to my site to learn more. Take a look at the Shop tab to see all the products I have in stock. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

FB: @TatumsLipTribe

IG: @TatumsLipTribe